Having grown up in a household of several radios but no TV, I have developed a strong passion for voice-over work. I simply adore exploring different ways of evoking stories and emotions in listeners’ minds and hearts.

The following reels, each in a different accent/language, contain narration, documentary and adverts. I wrote my own copy for most of the clips - they are marked with an asterisk *

Standard English (full reel)

Kell (narrative clip)
*N-Protect (advert clip)
Princess (narrative clip)
*Skitouring (documentary clip)

English with a Swiss accent (full reel)

Heidi (narrative clip)
*Swiss Fighting Cows (narrative clip)
*Simplon Dorf (advert clip)
*Swiss Fighting Cows (documentary clip)
*Swissalpina (advert clip)

English with a German accent (full reel)

*B-Aid (advert clip)
*Berlin’s Feminist Graffiti (documentary clip)
Ulrike Meinhof (narrative clip)

Standard German (full reel)

Memoiren (narrative clip)
*Ferien (advert clip)
*Hexe (narrative clip)
*Schreiben (documentary clip)

German with a Swiss Accent (full reel)

*Raclette (advert clip)
Heidi (narrative clip)
*New York (documentary clip)

Swiss German (Dialects from Basel and Wallis) (full reel)

*Roboterli (Wallis, advert clip)
*Alpenrosen Air (Basel, advert clip)
*New York (Basel, documentary clip)
*Tanze (Wallis, narrative clip)
*Absatzschue (Basel, narrative clip)